Samsung X10 XTC1400

For several months now after quitting my first job and as I had what seemed like « a lot of money », I bought a laptop, And I’m very happy with it having absolutely no problem running GNU/Linux (Slackware flavor, -current).
Here you will find some of my config files and other stuff about « GNU/Linux »ying a Samsung X10.


The official page on Samsung’s website

What lshw says about it : lshw.txt
What dmidecode says about it : dmidecode.txt

Linux Kernel

I’m currently running linux 2.6.* with the following patchs:

Here is my .config

XFree86 / X.Org

I use the proprietary (bouh çapucépalibre) Nvidia driver along with X.Org. Here is my xorg.conf/XF68Config
It works perfectly well since version 5336 of the driver.

I’m currently running 8178 with the following line added before line 3925 in nv.c :


To patch follow this :

  1. extract the content of the archive :
    ./ --extract-only
  2. edit usr/src/nv/nv.c
  3. add this line before line 3925 :
  4. install by running nvinstaller :
    ./nvinstaller -na
  5. enjoy!

Here’s the patch : nv-sws2.patch


Using alsa intel8x0 driver from in-kernel alsa do it. (see kernel .config)

ipw2100 WiFi mini-PCI card

I use the free-but-closed-firmwares ipw2100 driver from Intel.
Again, works like a charm.
I made a Makefile to install it.
It’s also now included in the kernel.

Synaptics touchpad

When I switched to Linux 2.6.x I had to use synaptics driver.
Works well but I don’t feel as confortable as when I was using it just as a « PS/2 mouse ». I should take the time to go fine-tunning…

« Multimedia » keys

Not the kind of stuff I use but one day I found it boring they didn’t do anything so I installed xbindkeys and there it was, working.

Bowels of the Beast

One day I took a screwdriver and opened it… I took some pictures of the crimescene.

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